Internal Parasites

Even the most well cared for pet can contract internal parasites. There are many different types of internal parasites that both cats and dogs can contract by just walking through the yard. When the pet grooms after being in the yard, it can accidentally swallow the parasite egg. Fleas also carry tapeworms and can be swallowed while the pet is grooming. In addition to intestinal parasites or “worms”, there are bacterial parasites in the soil and some bacterial parasites live in stagnant water sources.

Internal parasites can be a life-threatening issue for puppies and kittens, they are rarely so for adult pets. Most parasites can be controlled by giving heartworm and flea prevention on a regular basis. Most heartworm preventives now have intestinal parasite prevention included. We are happy to go over the types of preventive available for your pet and give you a recommendation.

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