General Anesthesia

For some procedures, general anesthetics are necessary. Anesthesia can prevent your pet from feeling pain during a surgical procedure and can create a level of semi-consciousness needed during delicate operations. Modern anesthesia is generally quite safe; to further lower risk, we perform a physical examination and run blood work before the procedure to catch any underlying health issues. In addition, we follow a specific anesthetic protocol including monitoring vital signs during the procedure to ensure the safety of our patients.

We begin most anesthetic procedures by administering medications which prevent pain, alleviate any anxiety the pet may be experiencing, and cause sedation. We then administer an intravenous drug to provide complete anesthesia and place a breathing tube into the patient’s trachea (windpipe). To maintain the state of unconsciousness, we deliver a gas anesthetic in combination with oxygen through the breathing tube. This anesthesia can be adjusted per the patient’s vital signs to deepen or lighten the amount of anesthetic administered as needed. Gas anesthetics are processed mainly through the lungs and allow for quick recovery as soon as the patient begins breathing oxygen.

Our doctors would be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about your pet receiving anesthesia.

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