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Trifexis Rebate Coupons

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Through December 31, 2017

East Marietta Animal Hospital

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Trifexis Rebate Coupons Coming Your Way!

 Elanco, the manufacturer of Trifexis, will be emailing our clients special rebate coupons. The new rebate coupons will be for $50.00 with the purchase of 12 months of Trifexis. This rebate will be in addition to our already great deal of 15% off your purchase of 12 months of heartworm or flea prevention. These rebate coupons allow us to compete with pricing offered at online pharmacies and allow you to receive the most important part of your purchase; the guarantee that Elanco provides for products purchased from a veterinarian. Please call for a quote for your pet’s prevention!



The rebate coupons will be sent 1 month prior to the refill date needed per our purchase records. If you choose to no longer receive the emails, you can opt out at the bottom of the rebate email by clicking “Unsubscribe”. Also, the email will have a link to file your rebate. For our clients that prefer not to use email, a postal mailer will be sent out.


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